Sometimes work just needs humour: Enter The Ned

So, you might know that, as a 9 to 5 kind of thing, I’m an editor. (This by no means indicates that I only edit from 9 to 5. But I only get paid to edit from 9 to 5.)

And, for the past while, I have been working on a particularly horrible challenging project.

It has depleted much of my enthusiasm for the editing process and dragged me through the mud over and over again trying to meet a deadline long since past (through no fault of my own).

But today I found a bit of humour in the form of The Ned.

First, a bit of background: There’s a heading that appears repeatedly throughout the manuscript. The heading is “The Need”.

I have completed the editing and am now working on the Table of Contents. And of course, The Need is in the Table of Contents.

After hours of cross checking and double cross checking, fixing and fussing to make sure all headings were correct throughout the manuscript and in the table of contents I set my mind to proofreading the document.

Ten lines in I come across The Ned and this image pops into my mind:

cartoon character

Now, I’m no artist, so please excuse the crude Microsoft Paint drawing, but the likeness is fairly accurate.

My point is, The Ned made me laugh. And I so needed to laugh today.

I have christened The Ned this project’s mascot.

Sometimes a missing ‘e’ is all it takes to make me laugh.

What other funny misspellings or typos have you encountered? I could use more laughing today.

6 thoughts on “Sometimes work just needs humour: Enter The Ned

  1. Angela

    I recently got a text along the lines of: “Hey Angela. Can’t go out tonight. I’ve got a rear infection.” It was definitely supposed to be “ear infection” but I still laughed… a lot… until I cried…

    1. Nancy Post author

      LOL! Thanks for continuing my laughter! That’s hilarious. How does one get a rear infection? Never mind. I don’t want to know.


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