Beyond tired. Beyond worn out. Beyond energetic. This week, nothing happened. It was an easy week. A happy week. What is becoming a usual week. But I am beyond tired. My own fault? Late nights of blogging. Late nights of reflecting. Sleepless nights for what reason? None I can think of. Life is good right now. Life is simple and easy right now. Perhaps on the precipice of change. Perhaps about to enter some new, exciting phase. Perhaps not. But whatever. I am beyond tired and wondering why.

Am I living the right life? Should I be doing something differently? How do I fit it all in before the sun goes down and comes up again so quickly? So much left undone. So much to do. Could it be simpler? Am I complicating everything? Taking on more is so stimulating and fun. But tiring and aching. Is there a point that the good takes me beyond the tired? Will the ambition and drive pull me through and make the life I want for me and for my family? Should I step back and just focus on what is here now? And never mind what’s beyond?

Five Minute Friday

I linked up with Lisa-Jo over at The Gypsy Mama today.

The word we’re writing about for 5 minutes is beyond. The deal is to write for five minutes, without using the backspace key, without worrying about spelling or grammar, and with no do-overs, editing or over thinking. Then link back to The Gypsy Mama and invite others to join in. Oh, and you must visit the person who linked up before you and comment on their post! This is about community and connecting and beautifully unedited words! I hoped you liked what I wrote!

10 thoughts on “Beyond

  1. Cole

    Betterment and motherhood- more hours in the day. I wish we could purchase them along with the diaper bags we carry! I feel the same as you describe. My newest is almost 4 months old and the best sleepr of the 3 and yet I am still soooooooo tired. I think it is good to ask the question of where the balance is. Some days it falls on the side of writing, photo taking and editing, playing, cooking- and some times, most times of late- of sleeping. Either is good.


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