Diptic – a fun, easy photo app

So I was recently looking for an app for my Android phone that would put my pictures in little collages with borders. Nothing fancy or complicated; I’m no techie after all.

I take a lot of pictures with my phone while I’m out with my kids. My phone (HTC EVO 3D) doesn’t take fantastic pictures, especially action shots. But the convenience of using my phone instead of carting my Canon EOS with me on trips to the park outweighs the quality of the pictures for me. And really, the shots aren’t that bad. The pictures below were taken with my phone.

Despite never having enough time in a day, I do manage to find time to upload my pictures from my phone to my computer on a regular basis so that I can add text, borders, effects and do other stuff to them. But what I really wanted was a basic program that would give me those things right on my phone.

Enter Diptic. A simple app that does exactly what I was looking for, right on my phone.

collage of kids

collage of family

Above is a collage with a black border and one with a white border. (The white border would be more effective if I didn’t use a white background for my posts. But you get the point.)

I took these pictures before I got Diptic so, in Diptic, I chose my layout then dropped these photos into the frame. Then I applied the border and adjusted contrast, brightness, etc.

You can also take pictures within a Diptic frame. This worked quite nicely because, by choosing the layout first, I could take shots that suited the frame. I’ll post more fun with Diptic after I’ve developed more of a collection.

Now I don’t have to wait until I get home to do fancy stuff with my photos. I can add borders and effects right on my phone.

Of course, it seems that there are enhancements for the Diptic app for iPhone that aren’t available for Android. This was disappointing, but not a deal breaker for me.

I got what I wanted out of this zippy little app. A fun way to display my photos and tell a story with my pictures.


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