Update on Smartie Coin Bank Savings

Some months ago, I posted about saving money. I challenged readers to guess how long it would take me to fill a big Smarties coin bank and how much money I would accumulate.

Readers guessed that it would take about seven to seven and half months to fill the coin bank. The only thing I had to offer for a correct guess was the satisfaction that they had been right.

And so, I write to you today to let those of you who guessed between 7 and 7.5 months know that you were correct.

Roughly seven months after starting this loose change savings, I have reached the top of the coin bank.

I don’t know how much is in the coin bank because I haven’t dumped it to count it. That is going to be time consuming and best done when my children are not home. (They can smell loose change a mile away and will come running to collect as much of it as they can for gumball machines and piggy banks.)

To canadianmommytime and shoes, you were both right! Congratulations! The satisfaction is yours!


4 thoughts on “Update on Smartie Coin Bank Savings

  1. shoes

    Ah the satisfaction of guessing right is wonderful! 😉

    Your original Smartie coin bank post actually caused me to have a post idea of my own about our loose change jar. I wrote notes about it on a random scrap of paper, planning on linking your post to mine and then that scrap of paper went and lost itself. Perhaps I will now become re-inspired and try again.


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