“Take This Town” – the album

One word: entranced.

I’m a big music fan. Any kind of music. I have my favourites (don’t hate me for my country music obsession).

But really, if it moves me, I like it.

I recently had the pleasure of listening to a new album by Makenzie Caine, singer, actor, writer and designer. She has a stunning voice. I was instantly entranced.

I first played the album and just sat and listened to it. Then life took over (as it often does) and I had to put the kids to bed. But we didn’t get far.

First, my son wanted to know what I was listening to.

“Whas dat song, Mommy?” he asked. So I told him about the album. He swayed to the melody coming from the computer speakers.

Then my daughter wanted to know what we were doing.

“Listening to a new album by Makenzie Caine.” I told her. She joined her brother on my lap at the computer.

We sat like that and listened to almost the whole album. (I would have liked to have listened to the whole thing with them then, but it was late and they had to get up early the next morning.) I shuffled them off to bed and came back to the music on my own.

I listened to the songs over and over. Comforting sounds; lyrics that I saw myself in. I love songs that tell stories and Makenzie Caine’s album, Take This Town, tells stories in each of its beautiful songs. Even the album cover artwork had a relaxing effect on me.

Take This Town album cover

The title track, Take This Town, is about leaving a small hometown and making it in the big city. My husband did that. So did my mom. I saw their lives in the words drifting from my speakers.

You really have to hear her to understand. Take This Town is now part of my playlist when life takes over and I need to reconnect. You should check it out. I think you’ll really like Makenzie’s music, too. And if you do, come back and tell me what you think in the comments below.


5 thoughts on ““Take This Town” – the album

    1. Nancy Post author

      Probably a little of both 😉 But they do like the music. I’ve been playing it on repeat almost every day (except the days my husband gets his heavy metal collection out 😉 )

      1. memyselfandkids

        I hear you. I have tried to get my boys into Springsteen. The older is a bit or was – now they both seem more like top 40 pop stuff. I guess it is a failing.

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