Motivation Wanted – maybe get a dog?

I’ve been feeling a little like I’m trudging uphill through mud lately. No particular reason (that I can figure out anyway). I’m just not very motivated. I’m going through the motions. I’m working out every morning. I’m taking my kids to the park and playing with them every evening. But…I’d rather be sleeping.

Then it hit me. I always work out in the morning. I always take my kids to the park in the evening. It’s a boring routine. I need to spice up my activity to gain real benefit from it and to stick with it. Maybe I should get a dog! That would keep me motivated, and every day would be different! New places to go walking. New people to meet. I’d be exercising and having fun! But wait, I can’t get a dog. We have allergy issues. Not to mention the fact that we have no time to look after a dog. It’s such a huge commitment.

Then I heard about a company called DogVacay and I thought, “What a FANTASTIC idea!” A vacation for dogs!



What DogVacay does is match up dog owners with dog boarders (people willing to take in a dog or two for a short period of time).

For the dog owner, this is a great way to have your pup looked after while you’re out of town, and it’s cheaper than the kennel. Plus, you’ll feel good knowing that your pup is in a real home being cared for by animal lovers and not stuck in a cage at a kennel.

dog in a cage


For dog boarders, it’s a great way to enjoy the benefits of having a dog without all the commitment that comes with actually owning a dog. And “research shows that dog owners are significantly more active than those who donโ€™t have dogs: they spend at least 30 more minutes exercising per week and scientists have found dogs to be superior walking partners to humans as they canโ€™t complain or talk you out of exercising.”

Even part-time, I still don’t think I could get away with it in my house because allergies are quite severe around here. But if it weren’t for that, having a part-time dog would be a great motivator. I can just see me and the kids walking the dog, playing fetch and enjoying the sunshine together. I know my kids would love it. Animals are such fantastic motivators. And it would be a great way to teach my kids the responsibility that comes with pet ownership without having to commit long term. recently launched in Canada and owners Aaron and Karine are offering my readers $10 off dog boarding right now. Just use coupon code SUMMERVACAY when you make a reservation.

If you don’t have a dog because of time commitments or other reasons, but you love dogs and would enjoy having a dog part-time, you can register with DogVacay as a host. It’s a great way to make some money, get some exercise and spend some time with man’s best friend. And signing up as a host is free!

I wish I could do this. It might be the motivator that I need!


14 thoughts on “Motivation Wanted – maybe get a dog?

  1. dusterbed

    Omg what an AWESOME service!! Thanks for posting this! I’d be much happier knowing my pups were being played with rather than stuck in a kennel. Great!

    1. Nancy Post author

      I know! Great idea, eh? I just wish we didn’t have allergies at my house because I wouldn’t mind having a dog part-time.

      1. Nancy Post author

        Maybe a part-time dog boarding gig would give you good taste of it before you decide. Plus, you get to make money doing it. (I remember that post. It was a good one.)

  2. shoes

    What an interesting idea. We have never boarded our dogs, always taken them with us or had someone come over to our house two times a day to check on and feed them. I would totally consider this idea. Is it in the states too?

    1. Nancy Post author

      Yeah, actually, it’s an American company. They’re based in Santa Monica, CA. They just launched nationwide and in Canada, so there are boarders listed all over the U.S. and Canada.

      1. shoes

        Yeah, I answered my own question by clicking on the link. ๐Ÿ™‚ What a great idea! I have bookmarked the site for future use and will be sure to say I heard about them from you if we end up using them.

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