My Words – the power of connecting

I don’t know about you, but as a writer I do a lot of reading. And when I read quotes, I always think, “Wow, someone thought that what this person said or wrote was important or inspiring enough to quote them.”

I can also only speak for myself (although I suspect that most writers share my feelings on this) when I say that the words that I write, the phrases that they combine to make, are my babies. And when I hit “publish”, I’m sending my babies out into the world to impress, to inspire, to connect with readers.

Also, like many writers, I don’t think I have much of any importance to impart. But I like writing, so I write. Even if I have nothing important to say.

Recently, I read a post by Lisa-Jo Baker over at The Gypsy Mama. The post was called 50 tips for New Moms, and as I was reading it, there in the list at #5 were my words.

Whenever I forget to ask for help, my little brood and I all suffer.

I remember commenting on one of Lisa-Jo’s blog posts many months ago, under the pseudonym ibebetter. I can’t remember what that post was about now, but reading it had prompted me to leave a comment about what I had learned about myself since I became a mother. And that’s what I learned: Whenever I forget to ask for help, my little brood and I all suffer. I signed it ibebetter.

After writing the comment, I thought nothing more of that little phrase until August 14th when I opened my email and began reading Lisa-Jo’s post. And there were my words, at #5 in her list of advice for new moms. She had thought my comment important enough to include it in her post on advice for new moms.

It’s a silly thing, I know, but I was so proud that my words were important enough to someone for them to quote me.

And that’s how I came to think of my words as my babies. Because if my children do something fantastic, I’m immensely proud of them. Likewise with my words. If they inspire or engage someone, I am proud of them. They have done a fantastic job of connecting.


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