I’m all about family organization: HatchedIt helps with that

I’m an organized person. I like to think I am, anyway. And I use various tools to help keep me organized. In this day and age, the tools I use are mostly electronic. But despite electronic conveniences, I do keep a calendar on the wall where I write events to which my family has been invited. This way, when someone invites us to something and it’s my husband they have asked, he can go right to the calendar and say, “Sure, we’re free that day.” Or “No, sorry. It looks like we’ve already got something on the calendar.”

One thing I hate about this method though is what happens to it in the busy months. You know which months I’m talking about; June, July, August and December. Sure, the other months are busy, but it’s usually with extracurricular activities for the kids and those happen on individual nights. (I try extra hard not to overbook my kids. And I never double book activites.) But in the months I mentioned (for my family at least), we get invites to barbecues, parties, cottages, picnics, not to mention all the summer events and attractions like the CNE, Wonderland and Centre Island. Our hard copy calendar quickly overflows with scribbled invites, some of them overlapping with other scribbled invites.

Needless to say, the calendar is a mess and most of the time we can’t make out where we’re supposed to be going on any given weekend. And when that happens, I have to rely on my memory to remember who invited us where and what time we’re supposed to be there or my code cracking powers to decipher the scribbles on the calendar. *sigh* This summer in particular has been very busy. I guess I can add another skill to my resume: cryptoanalyst.

Enter HatchedIt.

This is a new online management platform designed for the Family’s CEO, Mom.

HatchedIt.com helps parents (mostly moms, I would imagine. Or maybe that’s just in my house) manage daily tasks, coordinate family schedules and maintain an online address book. HatchedIt sends users a daily email with their schedule for the day and offers a mobile calendar in real time.  The site is collaborative, giving moms the ability to fluidly communicate important information to the people who assist them (grandparents, babysitters, nannies, spouses, children and other parents).

My kids are a bit young to incorporate into this system of family organization, but I definitely see the advantage once they are a bit older. Kids these days grow up with technology, so when my kids reach that stage, I can’t imagine them wanting to deal with my antiquated paper calendar and the scribblings of Mom and Dad to figure out what the family has planned and what’s expected of them.

The HatchedIt system allows the whole family to connect online and in a mobile app. This is the key to family organization. Everyone, including kids these days, has a busy schedule. And staying on top of that schedule, creating To Do lists that get read and completed by the whole family makes everything run smoothly.

And that’s one thing that this mom thinks is AWESOME!

Check out some of the stats on moms and families as we head back into the school year:



5 thoughts on “I’m all about family organization: HatchedIt helps with that

  1. on thehomefrontandbeyond

    cool – maybe I will stop missing appointments!
    I stopped getting those big family calendars ’cause my kids are in their twenties until I saw a friend of mine who is much older than I still use them –they are useful –and I love the stickers (I am a crayon and glue kind of gal–nothing too sophistocated)

    1. Nancy Post author

      I love stickers too! This year, I introduced my daughter to her very own calendar with stickers. We hung it up in her room and when a special event or something she needs to remember comes up, we put a sticker on that date. It has helped her become part of my organizational team. And it has helped me stay on top of things. I don’t want to introduce technology to her when she’s too young, but I can’t wait until she can get on board with the HatchedIt system!

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