End of summer envisioned

Heading into a couple of weeks off. Hoping to get some writing done. Hoping to enjoy some quality time with my kids before the September routine hits. In the vein of think successful – be successful, here’s what I’m envisioning:

Time with friends (my kids’ friends and my friends)
Fun at the beach
Crafts — messy, time-consuming fun creations
Fun at the cottage
Reading lazily in the shade of a park tree, soaking up the last rays of summer
Lots of treats
Some back-to-school shopping
A trip to the zoo
Swimming and visits to splash pads
Hanging out and laughing
Building forts out of blankets, chairs and pillows
Having tea parties
Racing monster trucks (hand-held ones)
A trip to Centreville Amusement Park on Centre Island
Jumping in puddles on a rainy day

Since my kids are daycare kids and I’m a working mom, I know there is going to be an adjustment period as we all get used to each others all-day company. I’m envisioning this being only a short time so that we can get on with the business of having fun and enjoying each other.

Nothing’s going to rattle me in this wonderful two-week period. I have been looking forward to being home with my kids for months now as I have been tossing around the idea of quitting my job and becoming a SAHM. I intend to take complete advantage of really being with these two great kids in the next couple of weeks. There are going to be hard days. They are going to test my limits and I’m sure I will test theirs. And two weeks won’t give me a real sense of what it would be like to be with them all the time, but I so need this right now. I so need to be with them before we head back into the September routine and the youngest of their childhood years slips through my fingers.


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