PRESCHOOL GEMS: a book review

book coverPRESCHOOL GEMS by Leslie McCollom is a fabulous book full of those gems we all think we’ll remember because they are so cute at the time but promptly forget when another gem falls from the lips of our babes.

I recently had an opportunity to review PRESCHOOL GEMS. It’s a quick read of preschoolers’ one-liners gathered by preschool teacher Leslie McCollom. She originally started a Twitter feed with the one-liners, which has now turned into a book.

Her book made me laugh out loud and brought back so many memories of things my own kids had said.

Wondering how my now 4-year-old daughter would react to hearing preschool commentary, I shared the book with her. She roared with laughter over the funny quotes from little kids; mostly the quotes to do with blood or pee, of course. She is, after all, only 4 herself. Here are some of her favourites from the book:

“You’re blooding.”
“Remember, you pee in my pee, OK?”
“Wanna know what kind of pee I made? It was orange.”
“I peed in YOUR pants!”
“I’m not wearing underwear for real life!”

I think she recognized how funny some of the things that little kids say can be. It has certainly made me take note of the things that my kids say. I have even started writing them down so as not to forget them.

PRESCHOOL GEMS is available wherever books are sold.

There’s also a beautiful book trailer, which you can see here.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

I received a copy of PRESCHOOL GEMS for review. I received no other compensation and my opinions are my own.


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