The enthusiasm of the day

Floating around the Internet tonight, I’m sure you’ll find a gazillion posts about back-to-school. Mommy blogs and Daddy blogs will explode with pictures and stories about their little one’s first day back at school, how it went, what went well, what went wrong and what the rest of the year will be like based on first impressions of the teacher.

Well, this blog is no different.

So here’s my take on my kid’s back-to-school adventure.

First, a few points to cover:

  • My daughter started Senior Kindergarten today
  • She started at a new school
  • She entered the French Immersion program
  • She has one friend with her from her old school
  • One of her neighbourhood friends goes to the same school but in the next grade

The enthusiasm in our house this morning was palpable. As a Senior Kindergarten student, my daughter does not attend a full day of school. She is in the afternoon program. And from the moment her eyes opened this morning, she was constantly asking if it was time to leave for school yet.

Finally, it was time to leave. She dressed in her uniform and demanded I take pictures of her and her new backpack. Then we headed out the door.

Drop-off went smoothly. I had suspected that her enthusiasm was over-compensation for nervousness, but I was wrong. She was genuinely enthusiastic.

She rode the school bus home with her neighbourhood friend and was all smiles when she hopped off the bus and told us about her day.

My husband and I had been concerned about how she would react to being immersed in French. The teacher speaks no English to them while in class. My daughter is very open to learning, but she has a stubborn streak and when she gets her back up about something, there’s no reasoning with her.

I was afraid she might be in just that kind of mood on the first day of school what with nerves and the end of summer weighing on her mind. But, I was wrong. She marched into the classroom like she owned the place and did her best to follow instructions in another language.

I was also concerned about how she would react to French because I had been trying to introduce it to her over the last few weeks and until very recently she was resistant. I blame Dora the Explorer. It’s not that my daughter doesn’t want to learn another language. She’s quite thrilled with the idea. It’s just that her first exposure to a language other than English was Spanish through Dora the Explorer.

But, French seems to have taken over. I think this may have something to do with the fact that I speak French and, if she learns, then the two of us can have “girl” conversations in French that the boys in our house will not be able to take part in because of the language barrier. *wink*

How did your first day back at school go? I’d love to hear about it!


5 thoughts on “The enthusiasm of the day

  1. Marina Schulz Tork

    My 1st day hasn’t happened.. But I wish it had!! You see, I’m starting a new school after a bad experience at (another new) school last year. Well, I went to my “newest” school’s website to see when school started. It said it began this coming Friday. Only when I went there today to pick up my books, turns out the website hadn’t been updated since last year and instead of starting this coming friday, it had started last Thursday!! So now my mom’s mad at me for missing school (although it was understandable, I mean NOBODY ever reads the header in these documents and I’d checked like 5times the date just in case!) and I missed my introduction days…. Fingers crossed for a good day tomorrow though!!! You too please 😉

    1. Nancy Post author

      I hope your first day at school went well in the end! Best of luck for a successful school year! (Don’t you hate it when websites aren’t kept up to date? That’s like the main way people get info these days.)


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