Ruts and Attitudes

I’m back at the drawing board. It’s time for a new plan.

My recent posts on decisions will give you some background into the weeble wobble I have been experiencing since baby #2 arrived (over 2 and a half years ago).

Not too long ago, I read a post by Run-at-home Mom (she blogs for Today’s Parent).

I thought it was a fantastic post. It was so nice for someone like me, a working mom considering leaving the work world to stay home with her kids, to read this kind of thing.

I know the grass isn’t greener on the other side. There are tons of things that I’m thankful for as a working mother. (The biggest being 8.5 hours of adult companionship and no screaming kids.) But there are also tons of things I wish I was doing with my kids instead of the babysitter who gets to watch my kids grow up.

Hearing a fellow mother talk about the rut that inevitably you get in at home makes me realize that the rut I’m in at work isn’t going to be solved by being at home with my kids, BUT, being at home with my kids (even though it is definitely the harder job) would be far more rewarding and fulfilling for me…even on days when it’s hard to remember why I wanted to be at home in the first place.

Ruts are a reality of life no matter where you put in your time. How you handle the rut is all in your attitude.

Life = 10% Circumstance and 90% Attitude


3 thoughts on “Ruts and Attitudes

  1. on thehomefrontandbeyond

    so true – there are ruts no matter our decision. I worked and I stayed at home–so I know what both are about- and neither is easy– then I worked out of my house as a freelance writer and that was so much better — there were so many decisions about daycare etc that I no longer had to make–and when the kids were sick I was at home working at my computer–so I could watch them
    there is no easy solution–mine worked out best for me
    I did have to put a sign on my back a few times saying : “mom is working” when I had deadlines

    1. Nancy Post author

      Yes, freelancing would certainly allow more flexibility. And control over your work so you could take on as much or as little as you had time for. It’s something I’m considering.


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