Evading naptime

The inevitable nap happens in our house every day at 1:00 pm. If you are 3 years old and under, you can’t avoid it. So please don’t try.

Your kicking and screaming and stalling techniques are not new to me. Big Sister trained me well.

A snack, a trip to the potty, a drink, a different toy, another book; these are all old tricks. I might be swayed by an innovative approach to stalling, but only for a moment. I’ll stick to my plan to have you resting from the hours of 1 to 3.

I accept that you may not sleep all that time and that’s ok with me. All I want is for you to rest and have a little quiet time. (Oh, right, that quiet time and rest is actually for me.)

When you wake, you will be refreshed and far more able to handle your sister’s taunting.

I know you don’t want to miss a single thing. But trust me baby, in a few short years you’ll wish you could nap instead of doing all those things that you thought you were missing out on.

Accept it. Resistance is futile.


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