Butterflies and letting go

My kids are upstairs decorating my daughter’s room.

They each received gifts from their grandparents who live out of province. My son’s gift, most appropriately, was a toy pick-up truck with light-up headlights.

My daughter’s gift was a sheet of 3-D butterfly room decals. She is, after all, Nan and Pop’s little butterfly.

So, to get a little peace, I suggested she go upstairs with the decals to decorate her room. Little Brother followed.

I can hear them singing up there.

“Three little butterflies hanging on the wall.

One fell off and broke her wing.

Mama called the doctor and the doctor said,

“Put that butterfly into bed!”

I hear the rustle of the backing on the decals after each verse of the song. I guess she’s singing the song as she’s sticking the butterflies to the wall.

I wanted to go with her to help her decorate. I wanted it to be perfect. I wanted it to be my way. I wanted her room to look like it did in the picture on the package. I realized in time that I was trying to control a situation that was better left to my daughter. She didn’t need my help or interference. Nothing bad would come of the way she chose to decorate her room with those sparkly butterflies. But a lot of good would come from me leaving her alone to decorate her room herself.

So I let go.

And I heard this:

“Do you want a butterfly for your room, Little Brother?”

Little Brother must have nodded because I didn’t hear a sound from him, but then,

“OK, I’ll put one in your room for you.”

Moments later, they bounded down the stairs as if it were Christmas morning.

“Mommy, Mommy! Come see what we did!”

I followed them up and was led right into Little Brother’s room. My sweet daughter had stuck a sparkly green butterfly between my son’s star and ladybug night lights.

And then, into her room we went to see how she had arranged her butterflies.

The joy in their eyes and on their faces and the pride in my daughter’s voice when she told me how she had arranged them and why she chose that spot on her wall, was worth more than any “perfect” decorating I could have done with those decals.

I’m glad I let go.


5 thoughts on “Butterflies and letting go

  1. dusterbed

    Oh so cute!!! She did a great job decorating – and what a great big sister sharing her butterflies with the little man! ❤

    1. Nancy Post author

      No occasion. I think because my in-laws live out of province, they feel inclined to send little gifts from time to time. My mother-in-law once explained it to me like this: the other grandparents (my parents) are close by and can take my kids shopping from time to time and “treat” them, but my in-laws can’t do that because of distance. So when they are out shopping and they see something that reminds them of their grandchildren, they buy it and ship it to to the kids.

      Makes sense to me. And I think it makes them feel connected to my kids.

  2. shoes

    I love it! They did a great job of decorating in their very own way. Good job being hands off on the project. I am like you and have to fight the urge to “help” and to make things “just so”. 🙂


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