It’s shameless self-promotion time

First off, I’m not in the habit of promoting myself. In fact, like a lot of writers, I tend to think I’m not that great at writing. But all you wonderful readers keep coming back, so I guess I can be convinced that I may be able to write well enough to garner some interest. (Is there an equivalent, catchy phrase for writing like the “carry a tune” phrase for singing?)

Social media experts will tell me, I’m sure, that what I need to do is get over myself and SELF-PROMOTE. (In fact, a social media expert told me exactly that.)

So, you’ll notice in the sidebar a little button that, if clicked, will lead you to the Circle of Moms Top 25 Canadian Moms – 2012, a listing of blogs written by Canadian Moms who are all vying for a spot among the top 25.

I was nominated. My blog is there. I’m honoured.

And so, I will self-promote because I think my blog is pretty good. And I think that you think that my blog is pretty good because you keep coming back and reading what I write (and I thank you so much for that).

So, help me be among the top 25. Visit my blog every day and click that little button. When you get to the Circle of Moms site, find Life Takes Over in the list and vote for me. Thank you. And thank you. I really appreciate you taking the time to read my blog and I really appreciate you taking the time to vote for my blog. It means a lot to me.


16 thoughts on “It’s shameless self-promotion time

    1. Nancy Post author

      For the next 24 hours I’m #2 on the pending list (click the “Pending Approval” tab beside the “Top Blogs” tab). After I got the nomination, I had to claim/register my blog on the Top 25 list, so the administrators still have to approve it and move it to the Top Blogs tab. You can still vote for me while I’m pending. Thanks!

      1. Nancy Post author

        You can vote more than once a day if you use different devices/IP addresses, like once from your computer, once from your smart phone, etc. And thank you!

  1. memyselfandkids

    Happy to help.
    However, I could not find your blog. Can you give a direct link or tell me what number your blog is? It had 100 or so and despite a search for your name, I had no luck.

  2. Life Behind These Eyes

    I think you are a fabulous writer and I look forward to reading your blog everyday. A little self promotion is just fine. You may think I’m biased because I’m your husband and that may be a little true, but nonetheless, I think you are a wonderful writer.


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