The Power of Perspective

Pre-Cuba, my daughter took issue with the type of toilet paper I picked up one day in a rush. We had run out of our usual, more expensive brand and it didn’t appear to be on sale anywhere (I only buy it when it’s on sale).

Taking inventory that morning of what was left, I figured I better pick up a cheap an economic alternative to get us through until the next big sale/stock up event.

Had my daughter’s bum not been so spoiled by the softness of our usual brand, she wouldn’t have noticed the difference. It’s not like I put sandpaper on the roll and told her to muddle through.

But the protests, the bathroom strikes, the whining and complaining was almost enough to make me go out and pay full price for the good stuff.

Then we went to Cuba for a family vacation. (Pictures and related posts to follow.)

Let’s just say that our cheapest brand of toilet paper is like a soft petal compared to what we had in Cuba.

But without an alternative, my darling daughter had to deal with it.

And deal with it she did. Her way. I think she only went to the bathroom once, maybe twice, a day.

Hey, whatever works.

When we got back, the lesser quality toilet paper was still in the dispenser in the bathroom. I noticed this immediately upon our return. After the week we spent in Cuba trying to convince my daughter to go to the bathroom, I almost replaced it with a better roll. But something distracted me and I didn’t get to it before my daughter had to go.

Image courtesy of Teerapun /

Not a word was spoken about the toilet paper. She has since used up what was left of the economical brand.

A little perspective never hurts.

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3 thoughts on “The Power of Perspective

  1. memyselfandkids

    Toilet paper – are you kidding? I can not imagine my children notiicing such a thing. They use as little as possible – who has time for wiping their but? They want to play.

    1. Nancy Post author

      Oh how I envy you. My kids (especially my daughter) notice every little tiny nuance of every little tiny thing that may (or may not) have an impact, no matter how small, on their lives. I’m a details person, so I blame myself. 😦


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