Tomorrow’s the big day

I’m off to the ShesConnected conference in Toronto.

I have been looking forward to this since September!

What I expect to get out of the next two days:

  • Some face-to-face socializing
  • Lots of information about social media, branding and partnerships
  • A chance to meet fellow bloggers and connect in real life
  • Blogging tips, content strategies, design elements

All in all, I expect to come away from the next two days with a better sense of where this blog is going and what I can do with it.

When I started blogging about a year ago, I wrote only for me, to get it out of my head and give me some room in there for other things. Of course I wanted people to read my posts, but I didn’t expect anyone besides my family and close friends to read my little blog.

Almost a year later, my blog has kind of taken off, gone in directions I didn’t even consider when I started blogging.

I returned to writing via my blog. And, not only have I enjoyed every minute of writing and sharing my thoughts and experiences about my journey through motherhood, I have also had many opportunities to flex my writing muscles on content for other people and organizations. This has been a real treat. It’s the challenge that keeps blogging interesting.

So, off I go tomorrow to learn more about this blogging world and the role that I’m playing in it.

I’m also the teensiest bit nervous since, in real life, I’m not that social. I’m actually quite shy. So wish me luck.


11 thoughts on “Tomorrow’s the big day

  1. patricia currie

    Best of luck Nancy.  You will forget your shyness once you are there because you all have a common interest & that always is the best ice breaker.  Looking forward to seeing you in the morning.

    The cosmos are with you.

    Love you dearly



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