Cuba Revisited

It was barely a month ago that my family and I traveled to Cuba for a vacation.

This is what that looked like:

Mother and son napping on a beach

Fun, relaxing, sometimes stressful. (Actually, very stressful for the first three days. More about that here.)

But now that we have been back for a few weeks and life has settled back in (or taken over, depending on how you look at it), it’s hard to believe we were ever away.

This seems like a dream:

Playing in the pool in Cuba

Late nights, late mornings, afternoon naps on the beach, no cooking, daily entertainment, lots of time to write. All these things are distant memories.

How quickly Life Takes Over again. How quickly we all settled back into the stress that engulfed us just before we left. How does one hang onto the sweet relaxing state that encompassed us while in Cuba (the state that settled over us after the first few days, that is)?

I’ll take any suggestions you’re willing to throw out.


8 thoughts on “Cuba Revisited

    1. Nancy Post author

      Will do! And a trip within North America if it’s with the kids…but maybe the husband and I will jet away for a tropical reprieve sans kids… 😉

    1. Nancy Post author

      Good point. I did comment to my husband while we were away that we would look back on our trip and the pictures and remember only the fun we had.

  1. shoes

    I love that first picture! It looks like you had a fun time but then again I am catching up on my blog reading and have not read your last few posts. It sounds like there were some rocky times.
    I have no advise regarding the hanging onto those loose vacation feelings. Keep organized and surround yourself with people and things that make you smile. 🙂


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