The things kids say

If you’ve got kids, you know what they’re like. They say the darndest things. Sometimes sweet. Sometimes embarrassing. Almost always funny.

Eating breakfast with my son, he looks up from his bowl of cereal and says, “I’m not afraid of chickens.” Plainly stated, matter of fact.

I hide my smile and say to him, “That’s good. Chickens aren’t scary.”

He returns my serious gaze and follows up with, “Chickens are small. They’re smaller than me. They don’t roar. I’m not afraid of them.”

At this point, of course, I’m smiling because he’s just so darn cute and so darn serious about this chicken business.

I say to him, “Chickens just cluck.”

To which he replies, “They just cluck at me, but that doesn’t scare me.”

And then, having had the important conversation of our day, we continue to eat in silence.

These moments, they are few, they are fleeting, and I cherish every single one.


8 thoughts on “The things kids say

    1. Nancy Post author

      LOL! It was just so out of the blue, the chicken business. It was practically the first thing he said and it was just so random. Got my morning smile out of it.

    1. Nancy Post author

      I have racked my brain on this one. Usually I eventually figure out where these random thoughts come from. Sometimes it’s not right away, but my husband or other child will say something that ties it all together for me. But so far, nothing on the subject of chickens and why one might be afraid of them. I’ll keep you posted if it’s ever revealed.


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