What will she be when she grows up?

I watch my daughter dance around the living room and talk about all the things she is going to be when she grows up.

Her list was long only one short year ago. As she has aged, she has narrowed down her choices. But two remain from her original list.

  1. Mom
  2. Teacher

A couple of thoughts grow in my head based on her list.

  1. She wants to be a mom because she wants to be like her mommy. In view of that, I better shape up and be a shining example (…further to that thought, I shouldn’t be too shiny. The best thing for her mommy self-esteem when the day comes, is for me to be less than perfect so she isn’t so hard on herself when she’s running on two hours of sleep because of a colicky baby, a toddler with the flu and a looming deadline at work.)
  2. I will always support her no matter what she wants to do. I will also gently remind her that her first dream was to be a teacher, and that no matter what job she ultimately chooses, she can always find some way to teach. I wanted to be a teacher when I was 5. I’ve never really given up on that idea.

As her mother, my job is to encourage, love and guide her.

To do this, I must let go of my own fears. (Not an easy thing to do. I’m human. Humans have fears.)

And I have to let her be a kid before she’s an adult. No sense growing up too fast and missing out on the great discovery that is childhood.

To help guide her along on her path to discovering what she might like to be when she grows up, there’s a new place to turn.

I have always steered both my kids toward educational programming on TV. And when my daughter started taking an interest in the computer, I found educational games on various website. One of the sites we visit frequently is TVOkids.com. (And the french version: TFO.org.)

In October, TVO launched its Smart Kids Now. Smart Adults Later campaign. Here are a few of the details:

Ontarians invest in learning outside classroom to give future generation competitive edge

TORONTO, Oct. 29, 2012 /CNW/ – Education is key in preparing future Ontarians for a highly competitive workforce and helping them achieve the careers of their dreams. To give kids a competitive edge, more Ontario parents are investing in learning resources outside the classroom. In fact, one in three Ontario families has hired a tutor1. Today TVO launches Smart Kids Now. Smart Adults Later, a fundraising-based campaign to motivate Ontarians to help TVO continue to deliver exceptional multi-platform educational resources that enhance classroom learning and get kids ready for success in school.

TVO’s Smart Kids Now. Smart Adults Later campaign is built on the idea that all kids have dreams of what they’ll be when they grow up and TVO can help them get there. As an important part of the education ecosystem, TVO offers innovative programs, web games and apps that help today’s digital learners build the literacy, math and science skills fundamental to fulfilling their dreams in the future.

A cornerstone of the campaign is TVOsmartkids.org, an interactive microsite where Ontarians can donate while learning more about how TVO helps turn today’s kids into tomorrow’s smart adults.

“TVO is committed to helping provide the next generation with tools they need to fulfill their dreams in the future, and TVOsmartkids.org is a meaningful way for Ontarians to contribute to that collective future,” says Lisa de Wilde, TVO’s Chief Executive Officer. “While TVO is primarily funded by the Ontario Government, the support we receive from donors across the province is crucial to our sustainability. We believe this campaign will raise awareness that TVO also needs donor support to continue to push the boundaries of educational media for Ontario’s kids.”

TVOsmartkids.org enables visitors to virtually bring dream jobs to life with their donations. For example, they can click on the animated Geologist character and, the more they donate, the more they equip the character with a Geologist’s tools. They also learn how their donation supports resources like the TVOKids Homework Zone, which helps kids learn about the science of soil and rocks. The site features 10 dream job characters and highlights a range of TVOKids educational resources that help Ontario children develop the basic learning skills they need to become Ontario’s future leaders.

Since 2005, TVO’s formal research partnership with the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE) has provided compelling evidence that TVOKids resources are delivering on their educational objectives and equipping kids to be successful digital learners. Most recently in 2012, TVO developed two mobile apps, Hop, Frog, Hop! and Ribbit, Frog, Ribbit!, which were classroom tested with University of Toronto researchers and shown to improve a child’s working memory — a brain function essential to learning across all subject areas.

TVOKids’ educational resources are based on the Ontario curriculum, developed with educators, classroom-tested, and designed to get Ontario early learners ready for kindergarten and enhance classroom learning for kids aged 5 to 11. The award-winning tvokids.com is home to over 170 educational games and offers a growing inventory of educational mobile apps for all platforms.

TVO’s Smart Kids Now. Smart Adults Later campaign is supported by TV advertising on US-based channels carried by Rogers and Cogeco as well as by online, print and transit advertising. It will be promoted to fans, followers, sponsors and donors via TVO’s Twitter hashtag #TVOsmartkids, Pinterest and Facebook properties. For more information or to make a donation, visit TVOsmartkids.org


7 thoughts on “What will she be when she grows up?

      1. memyselfandkids

        Yes, you should. I should listen to my own advice.
        Btw, you planted the idea for my entry “to the parade.” I have to do better with the pingback. I’ll get you soon.

  1. RJ

    I just read something I wrote when I was 9: I’m going to be an at-home mom or a teacher (my parents’ jobs)! I love looking back at these things!


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