Bringing the Christmas Smooch back with 3M’s Command Brand

December 1st marks the first official day that my husband will allow me to decorate. If it were up to me and the kids, the tree would have been up a week after Halloween, the Christmas lights would have been strung from our back deck and our front porch while the weather was still warm enough to do it without gloves and there would be a wreath hanging on our front door.

Alas, I’m not allowed to decorate for Christmas until December 1st.

This year, I’m choosing to be grateful for that delay rather than moody because I didn’t get my way.

The reason? The husband-imposed delay has given me a chance to discover some handy new helpers for my Christmas decorating spree: 3M Command Products. Here’s why:

Mistletoe. I love it. It’s an excuse to smooch. Not that we need an excuse in this house, but sometimes it takes a little convincing to get a good lip smacker from the kids. With mistletoe firmly installed, kissing becomes a rule that the kiddies (and mommy and daddy) must follow.

Sadly, since moving to this house, we have not been able to keep our little mistletoe in place. Where we lived before, the mistletoe got taped to a door frame in a high traffic area. (Not the nicest looking arrangement, but it worked…for the most part.)

The only thing we can fasten mistletoe to in our new house is the ceiling. And we have yet to successfully conquer that. Masking tape only holds for so long (and it looks ugly).

Small Wire Hooks from 3M

3M Command Small Wire Hooks

Enter 3M Command Small Wire Hooks. The hook part can be moved into different positions, so you can use the hook to hang a dust pan or other small item from a wall or cupboard door. Or, in my case, I can stick the hook to my ceiling and shift

the wire hook part so that I can hang my beloved mistletoe off it. VoilĂ !

And when Christmas is over and my husband forces helps me to take down the Christmas decorations, the 3M hook comes off without a mark to be used elsewhere in the house or tucked away with the mistletoe for next Christmas.

In fact, I think I may keep this handy little helper out because last year my sister gave my daughter a wonderful homemade gift based on the book series Fancy Nancy. The gift was a box full of fancy stuff to decorate my daughter’s room with. We managed to string some lights over her bookshelf and some tulle and satin fabric over her mirror and her headboard, but there was so much more that we could have done if we had had proper hanging tools.

And now, with these great hooks from 3M, I believe we will be able to accomplish a very Fancy bedroom for my daughter!

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I received this product on review. I received no other compensation. The opinions expressed above are my own.


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