Bath time is usually fun time in our house. Water games, shampoo hairdos, squirt guns and bathtub art. Despite all the fun, a few months ago my five-year-old daughter asked if she could start showering because, in her own words, “I’m a big girl now and big girls don’t sit in the bathtub, they stand in the shower. I’m too old to play in the water.” So, she graduated to showering. It was a sad day.

But just because she showers now doesn’t mean she can’t have fun. And I’ve discovered just the way to keep the kid in her a little longer: LUSH FUN soap.

This latest invention from LUSH is a multi-purpose, mouldable soap for body and hair. You can wash with it, bathe with it for masses of bubbles, and you can even mould it into crazy shapes. ← This is the fun part!

I got a couple “flavours” to try and they smelled so yummy I had to remind myself that they were soap and that I couldn’t eat them.

They come in a sausage shape and you just break a piece off and hop in the tub with it. It’s soft soap, so it conforms to your hand while you’re lathering up. I love how it doesn’t dry out my skin.


Another great thing about LUSH and this new soap is they are making it their mission to spread the fun to those who need it most: children living in challenging environments. To make things even more fun, 2.5% of the global sales of FUN will go into a newly created FunD and will be distributed as grants to projects providing recreational activities for children.

FUN ($6.95 each) comes in FIVE fantastic colours, each with their own unique scent.

  1. YELLOW FUN: A comforting blend of vanilla and gardenia, smells like delicious marzipan.
  2. GREEN FUN: An uplifting fragrance with lemon and lime oils that awaken the senses. (So refreshing. A great soap to use first thing in the morning)
  3. RED FUN: A fruity combination of orange and mandarin oils to revitalize the mind. (This one is delicious!)
  4. BLUE FUN: A gentle, soothing hug in the bath before bedtime using calming oils such as lavender and chamomile.
  5. PINK FUN: A sweet treat with ice-cream scented tonka absolute and benzoin resinoid which helps to stimulate circulation.

**FUN is made with a base of corn flour, talc and glycerine. It’s even ideal for bathing beauties with sensitive skin.

FUN makes a great stocking stuffer or birthday giftOr add it to a bunch of other fantastic LUSH products to create a spa basket for that special someone.

FUN launched nationwide on November 1st, 2012.

Hint, hint: if anyone’s still looking for a gift for me, a couple more bars of FUN would be nice. wink wink


7 thoughts on “FUN from LUSH

  1. memyselfandkids

    Seems like it would be fun for my boys.
    By the way, they are both older than your daughter and are completely content in the bathtub.I don’t see them getting into the shower anytime soon.

  2. elskenewman

    They sound great! My little firl has really sensitive skin and it is so hard to find things that smell nice that she can use. I’ll definately have a look see if they have them in England as well!

  3. shoes

    What a fun idea! I have not heard of these.

    I can not imagine the day when Cody and Carter will want to shower, they love their bathtime together. They make “machines” using cups, washclothes, and little ducks. It is pretty funny to watch.

    1. Nancy Post author

      That’s awesome! I miss when my kids bathed together. And it was only a short while ago. It was fun with and for both of them, plus it was easier for me because I could get both kids washed, dried and dressed for bed in under 20 minutes. Now it’s almost a full hour between one in the bathtub and then the other in the shower, plus getting dressed. sigh


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