The Ladies of Best of Bridge

In my late 20s, I discovered that I enjoyed cooking (most of the time). Up to that point, I could burn water. No kidding.

But something about cooking was soothing. Maybe I just got tired of eating crackers and cheese all the time. (I grew up on home cooking, so frozen dinners was not the way to go for me. Crackers and cheese worked nicely though. Portable and tasty.)

I have been slowly gathering recipes from friends, family and the Internet. The food has to be good and the prep has to be easy.

The more I cook, the more I like cooking. Turns out, I also like to bake. And, of course you know, I’ve got two kids who practically climb me to get to counter height so that they can help me cook or bake whatever it is I’m preparing. What is it about kids wanting to help in the kitchen?

I was running out of easy things to make, though. And with two kids and a full time job (plus other stuff, but that’s another post), I had to find ways to cook easy and cook fast.

This is where my favourite cookbook comes in: Best of Bridge Slow Cooker Cookbook.

Best of Bridge Slow Cooker Cookbook

Wholesome and hearty, the recipes from this cookbook are time-saving and delicious. They are easy, yet gourmet.

And for me, what makes cooking with this cookbook even better is I recently had the opportunity to meet the ladies from Best Bridge, Sally Vaughan-Johnston and Mary Halpern, while they were on tour in Toronto.

What an experience. They are so nice, so down-to-earth, so full of tips and helpful ideas; it was fantastic talking to them.

I can see why the cookbook is such a success. In person, the ladies are exactly as I imagined they would be from the types of recipes, tips and information that were included in the book.


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