All Aboard the Santa Train!

Every year, my husband and I try to fill the Christmas season with fun little outings for the kids (and for us) that make the holidays festive and hopefully turn into happy Christmas memories.

Something we have done for the last two years is the Santa Train ride in Orangeville.

Family waiting for the train

Last year was our first trip on the Santa Train and it was a daytime trip. This year, all the tickets were sold out for the day trips so we bought tickets for an evening ride. (This holiday event sells out fast. I ordered our tickets back in August and I still couldn’t get a day trip.)

Little boy on a train

For the price of one ticket, you get a ride on the Santa Train, hot chocolate and a gingerbreadman cookie, a visit and a little gift from the big guy himself and a chance to sing with the carolers strolling through the cars with guitar and bells in hand.

Santa Claus on a train

The daytime trip last year was through a winter wonderland because we had been lucky enough to have had some snow. The forest area that the train passes through was coated in white fluffy stuff and you could see farms off in the distance. It was magical.

This year, on the nighttime trip, we didn’t see much of anything, but the atmosphere on the train was magical. We all had a fantastic time.

Little girl with Santa

And we’re looking forward to our train ride next year! I just have to put a reminder on my calendar to book our tickets in July!

Santa Train ticket


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