Staying close to home

I’ve only got a limited amount of writing time today. I’m going to fill that time with an observation.

Every weekend, assuming we don’t already have plans to go to some kind of event (i.e., birthday parties, holiday get-togethers, etc.), my husband and I “do” something with our kids. Usually, “doing” something means going to a park either within walking distance or a little farther away. (If it’s a farther park, we try to work it into our errand running so that we’re only out in the car once.)

This weekend, despite how little (shopping) time is left before Christmas, we had no plans, and we had no desire resisted the urge to spend this free time in the malls. We also didn’t discuss which park we were going to head to Sunday morning either.

After breakfast, we cleaned up and got dressed to go outside, then we hung out on our street, making colourful chalk drawings and riding bikes and scooters around. We also had a quick game of little kid hockey (played with plastic golf clubs because Little Brother is oddly unimpressed with his little kid hockey stick).

We also did some unplanned gardening and got our front garden cleaned out before the snow falls.

The kids had a blast, squealing with laughter as they rode their bikes up and down the empty street. It was cold and kind of grey, but it was just perfect for hanging around outside not far from home.

My observation was that, sometimes, you don’t need to venture far from home to have a good time. You just need each other.

chalk drawings


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