I love writing. I always have. I get a lot out of it. I also put a lot into it. One thing I didn’t expect to get out of it was connection.

I was always afraid to let my written words out into the world because of the reaction they might garner. Would people like my words, my stories? Would they think I was trying to be something I’m clearly not? I fancy myself a writer, but what do others think?

And then I started this blog because I got to a point in my life where I had to get the words out of my head or they were going to take over. So I just couldn’t care anymore about what others think. Now I write every day (even when I’m not posting, I’m writing). And I have really grasped that it doesn’t matter what others think. I know I am a writer.

Fortunately or unfortunately depending on how you look at it, my paying job is as an editor. That makes me a tougher critic on (my) writing. And it has likely hampered my ability to let go and just write. But out of writing has come connection. Sanity saving connection. Other people connect with my words. My words connect with other people. (Whether they like the way I phrase an idea or string words together to tell a story is somehow irrelevant. All that matters is that the words are no longer in my head; they are out in the world making connections.)

Writing is my therapy; my wine (although I still enjoy many real bottles glasses, especially when the creative juices just aren’t flowing); my addiction (oh, it can be a powerful drug). Without writing, I’m not me. I’ve learned that this past year as I have written (and re-written) and shared and connected.

And the connecting is what I have come to love most about the writing.

In the past few days I have had several ideas for posts, but when I have started writing them I have realized that they aren’t really posts. They don’t have much life beyond two or three lines. But the words in those lines, oh how I wanted to get them out. I wanted to share them. I wanted to send them out into the world to connect.

So I took the next step in the evolution of my blog and created a place to write, share and connect when words are short but need to get out. Come on over and join me on my Facebook page. I’m not really sure how the page is going to evolve. I have started by posting links to my blog posts there. I would love it if you would stop by and say hi!


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