My daughter’s memory is incredible. I’m not saying that as in she never forgets and her memory is really good. I’m saying that as in her ability to remember things is odd.

I expect to forget things. I’m getting old (memory loss is related to aging). I don’t always challenge my brain (I have a job that is somewhat repetitive and doesn’t always challenge my brain in a way that creates new pathways). I have had two pregnancies (=two pregnancy brain episodes from which I have never really recovered).

But my daughter? She’s 5. Her brain, though it has gone through leaps and bounds since the first day she entered this world, still hasn’t filled up with all the excess that adults are carrying around.

Yet, every day we leave the house for school at the same time and with the same routine and every day she forgets her coat, hat, mitts, backpack, shoes, you name it.

But, when playing with a Play-Doh puppy modeling set, she remembered that the little dogs you can create also have a blanket because she saw the blanket on the box when she first got the set for her birthday more than two years ago. (She plays with this Play-Doh set about once every three months.)

As a first-time mother, one of the bits of advice I got was to create a routine for my child. Routine allows children to develop expectations about what will happen next and what their role is. I did this. It hasn’t helped my daughter one iota.

So, what is a mother to do?


2 thoughts on “Memory

  1. chebandbecky

    This type of memory is more prevalent in the adult male of the species; I believe it’s called ‘selective memory’ and is often accompanied by ‘selective hearing’.

    1. Nancy Post author

      That’s it! That’s exactly my daughter’s problem! Thank you for clearing it up for me. Her selective hearing is actually worse than her selective memory. 😉


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