3M Command Brand for last-minute decorators

If you’re like me (and I hope you aren’t), you promise yourself every year that Christmas is not going to sneak up on you.

I begin the mental preparation in October. In November, I’m thinking about all the things I need to do to be ready for Christmas with time to spare. Early December rolls into town and I put up the tree and a few decorations. I’m still fully convinced at this point that I can get it all done in time to enjoy the holiday season with family and friends.

Well folks, like every other year, Christmas is officially here. In less than  week, the stores will close their doors and turn out their lights. Holiday prep officially ends in favour of holiday enjoyment. And guess what? I haven’t started my Christmas shopping yet.

It’s not totally hopeless. My husband has acquired some gifts while out running errands. We have put up the tree and hung the mistletoe. And my daughter and I have torn countless pages out of her Christmas colouring book, coloured the pages in festive holiday colours and hung them to our banisters and windows. (For me, this is the best kind of Christmas decorating because everywhere I look in the house, I see my little girl and the countless hours I got to spend with her, colouring and talking.)

But now I’m facing crunch time and the house doesn’t really look decorated (except for the huge tree in the corner of the living room).

So, thanks to 3M’s Command Brand, I’m going to get busy this weekend and hang some decorations. 3M makes it easy to hang and easy to take down later. And the strips don’t wreck your walls (or ceiling in the case of my mistletoe).

3M Command Brand Wreath Combo

And 3M has some great holiday decorating tips on their website. You can check them out on Facebook and Twitter too! You never know what great ideas you might get hooked on!

3M Comman Logo


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