Sleepin’ in and morning quiet

Ever have a hard time waking your kids up in the morning? I don’t mean the kind of hard time where you try to wake them up and they roll over and ignore you (although that does happen to me on the mornings when we HAVE to get up and go).

I mean the kind of hard time where your children are sleeping peacefully and you’re busy working away or catching up on your blog reading or doing some other quiet activity that the kids always interrupt when they are awake.

Today is one of those mornings. I know I have to get the kids up and get out the door to drop off my son at preschool. But I just can’t bring myself to go upstairs and wake them up.

I checked in on them and they are sleeping peacefully. They really must need the sleep. They never sleep this late. And that’s what I keep telling myself. It’s the holidays. They are as tired as I am. Everyone is stressed out. Lack of sleep contributes to stress. Let them sleep in.

My son can arrive at preschool at any time. My daughter doesn’t start school until after lunch. And right now, I’m blogging and catching up on my reading (and wrapping Christmas gifts and making chocolates and recipe hunting for something for dinner—the list is endless).

What’s another 15 minutes? They’ve slept this long…

Oh, I hear footsteps on the stairs. I guess my time’s up. That’s OK. It’s a great way to take a break from chores.


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