Winter dry skin relief = George’s Special Dry Skin Cream

I have found the solution to my family’s dry skin problem: George’s Special Dry Skin Cream.

George's Cream

My little guy is always complaining about how itchy his legs are and no matter how much cream I slather on him, his skin still feels dry and flaky a short time later.

My husband and I are the same way. With two kids (one still kind of in diapers) and colds and runny noses, I probably wash my hands 100 times a day or more. And you know what hot water and soap does to your skin. I swear I only have one layer of epidermis left covering my very raw knuckles.

But since being introduced to George’s Special Dry Skin Cream, the skin on my hands is rarely cracked and it feels so much better. I figured it would take a while to correct my severely dry skin. But after only a couple days’ use, my skin was thanking me for nourishing it so well. This cream is amazing!

Besides its beneficial properties, another thing I really like about George’s is that it’s a Canadian product, created in Alberta by pharmacist George Doherty.

Up until now, it was only available in Western Canada. But now George’s has arrived in Ontario to help us fight the winter dry skin battle.

George’s Special Dry Skin Cream…

  • Was created for lasting dry skin relief.
  • Provides relief from different types of skin symptoms and conditions.
  • Works! That is why it is recommended by dermatologists, pharmacists and physicians.
  • Provides immense relief for those suffering from any of the following conditions:
    Eczema, Psoriasis, Sunburn, Windburn, Cradle cap, Winter itch, Flaky skin, Tough elbow skin, Radiation therapy, Sport chafing (runners, cyclists), Swimmer’s itch, Dry hands and cracked cuticles, Foot problems including those associated with diabetes

Georges Light Lotion 360ml

I have eczema (mostly on my feet) and George’s took care it like nothing I have tried before. I figured cream was cream, and as long as I applied it regularly, I would have relief from the cracking that comes with my eczema. But cream is not cream. George’s is so much better. The things I like most about this cream are it lasts all day and it has no additives and is fragrance free. ← [This is important to me because I’m also sensitive to scents and I truly believe that fragrance is one of the things that kills the effectiveness of other creams (too much perfume, not enough moisturizing ingredients.)]

And because George’s is so great, I want to share it with you!

In the comments below, share your stories about your battle with dry skin for a chance to win a George’s Cream prize package that includes full-size products and travel size products of George’s skincare products.

For more chances to win, share this post then come back and tell me in the comments that you did by posting the link to your share.

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This giveaway is open to Canadian residents only.

I received George’s Special Dry Skin Cream and George’s Light Special Mosturizing Lotion to try. I have not been compensated in any other way.


9 thoughts on “Winter dry skin relief = George’s Special Dry Skin Cream

  1. colleenmariecole

    My husband works in construction – which means working outside in the worst conditions – especially during winter. He battles dry skin all the time. About a year ago, we discovered Georges and never looked back. We like that it is fragrance free and also that it works so, so well. George’s rocks for keeping my hubby’s hands crack free and my legs flake free!

  2. Bev

    This is so timely. We have been going through the shelves at Shoppers trying to find relief for Aidan’s wrists which are scratched raw. He complains of itchy legs as well!

    1. Nancy Post author

      There are a few places out your way that sell it. If you go to their website and click Where to Buy across the top, you’ll get a list of places.


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