The Power of Thought

I don’t think I need reminding. I totally get that my thoughts, good or bad, affect outcomes in my life on a daily basis.

Yet, clearly, the universe deems it necessary to remind me—and sometimes with the oddest sense of humour—that I should be careful what I wish for.

Take today for example. I got up early, polished off some work, then prepared a Cowboy Pot Roast in my slow cooker for dinner tonight.

The roast has a final step before you serve it which I usually leave instructions for my husband to do when he gets home from work (he’s the first one home each night). But today, for some reason, I really wanted to do that final step. I wanted to take my roast all the way to the finish line.

But, I thought to myself, that’s not in the cards. I will drop my daughter off at school after lunch, then head to the office like I do every day, and my husband will come home and do the last step for the roast. When I get home later, we’ll all sit down to a nice pot roast and some good ol’ fashion dinner conversation.

In the back of my mind, though, a little mantra was growing.

~ I will do the last step of this recipe today ~

It kept repeating itself despite plans that had already been made and were moving forward.

After lunch, my daughter and I gathered our things and I glanced back at the slow cooker on the counter as we headed out to the car, the mantra flashing in my mind. As I pulled out of the driveway, I heard a wretching noise from the backseat. A quick look confirmed it. My poor little girl was throwing up all over the place.

I stopped the car, ran around to her side and cleaned her up the best I could, then ushered her into the house to bathe her and settle her on the couch for an afternoon of rest; school, work and dinner forgotten in the chaos.

Once everything was cleaned up and bosses and principals had been called to alert them to our absence, it hit me: I would be home when the Cowboy Pot Roast was done, so I could be the one doing the final step!

It was a long way around, but I got what I wanted.

Like I said, I don’t think I need reminding. But the universe thought differently and I got reminded. My little girl is on the mend and I’m home to do the final step in a delicious pot roast recipe.

Perhaps I’ll open a bottle of wine and ask the universe to join me for a glass.

4 thoughts on “The Power of Thought

    1. Nancy Post author

      The universe doesn’t always take us from point A to point B in a straight line. That is why I try to remain open to the path, because you might just end up right where you want to be.

  1. shoes

    Oh this made me laugh, the part where in that round about way you got what you wanted – not the part where you daughter got sick. Hope she is feeling much better and the pot roast (and wine) was grand!

    I am a bit scared even to type this in case the universe is listening in on this, but we have never had a throwing up episode in the car. Ugh!


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