Family Literacy Day 2013

I’m a reader. My kids, though they can’t read yet, well, I consider them readers, too. They follow my reading. They love story time. They love books in general. They incorporate books in their play. They build towers and forts out of them. They use them for ramps for their cars. They pretend to read them. They memorize the stories I read to them and then try to pick out the words when they “read” them back to themselves. All of this warms my heart because I am a lover of books.

And when my little girl was born, one of the things I was most excited about was reading to her. Boy was I in for a disappointment.

My little girl didn’t like books. She didn’t like stories. She had no patience to sit still and listen. She did enjoy chewing on them, but not even that very much.

Thankfully, things have changed. I look back now and think that perhaps I had set the bar too high. I had expectations of sharing my beloved books and stories with her when all she wanted to do was flip pages and gum the corners to a mushy mess.

Now, we can sit for hours reading and re-reading. And her little brother? Well, maybe the bar was lower. Maybe I didn’t have time to notice and fret as much because I had an active toddler to handle, or maybe he was just the second child who fell in line because he had an example to follow. Whatever the reason, he has always seemed to love books and stories.

Take for example this book, Marlow and the Monster, that we received for review a while back. Both my kids liked the story. We had fun reading it together. And then it got put on the shelf and kind of forgotten. But my son found it a couple weeks back and that’s what we have been reading before bed every night since. He just loves it! He is full of questions and curiosity about the monster and about zombies and the little mouse who hides on each page. I think it’s fantastic that a story has resonated so strongly with my little guy that he goes back to it again and again. (I know. I know. As parents, the last thing we want to do is read the same book every night. The repetition is enough to drive you mad. But there’s a clicking point with kids and that’s why they love repetition, because they are striving for the clicking point where they get it and then they can move onto another story.)

This Sunday is the 15th anniversary of Family Literacy Day. And not that we need another reason to read, but there are a lot of activities going on around the city to get families reading (and writing). The theme this year is “15 Minutes of Fun”. Maybe we’ll check out some of the events around town.


4 thoughts on “Family Literacy Day 2013

  1. memyselfandkids

    We started reading books w/the kids from very early. They are both readers – enjoy it & read early. It is one if our successes that I am most proud/happy for.
    I never heard of family literacy day.

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