Slow Cooker Freezer Kits

I couldn’t resist getting in on this craze. I’ve pinned the kits on Pinterest. Friends have shared pictures of the kits on my FB. My coworkers are talking about it. The craze of which I speak? Slow Cooker Freezer Kits.

Two things make this a no-brainer for me:

  1. I love my slow cooker almost as much as I love my husband
  2. Make ahead frozen dinners: a busy mom’s best friend

Here’s why combining the power of my slow cooker and advanced food prep will quickly become the only way I feed my family during the week:

  • I like preparing meals in advance, but I don’t like spending a whole day in the kitchen prepping and cooking while my husband and my kids are at the park
  • I like coming home to a cooked meal from my slow cooker, but I don’t like spending an hour every morning prepping vegetables and browning meat before I leave for work (not to mention the clean-up)

With slow cooker freezer kits, I believe I can limit my prep time in the kitchen, limit my clean-up time in the kitchen, and prepare healthy, tasty meals for my family; all in advance, but without any of the advanced cooking and clean-up.

So I took a stab at it. I picked two recipes. One from my favourite cookbook, Best of Bridge Slow Cooker Cookbook, and one from a Google search (

Slow cooker freezer kits

Both required similar ingredients but different meats. I had everything on hand because the ingredients are staples in my house. I believe both recipes will make about two meals each for my family of four given that my kids aren’t big eaters.

It took me about 20 minutes (including time to Google the recipe and the method) to prepare and label my two freezer kits. And when I was done, I had only a knife, a cutting board and two measuring cups to clean up.

When I take these kits out to defrost and cook them, I’ll have only the slow cooker to clean up after we’ve eaten what I believe will be a delicious meal.

Now, that was only two meals. It would take longer to prepare a week’s worth (unless I plan to use similar ingredients in various recipes and limit the amount of variety; not a bad thing in my house given how picky my kids are).

But regardless, slow cooker freezer kits are my new favourite thing.

Have you tried slow cooker freezer kits? Got any great recipes you’d like to share?


4 thoughts on “Slow Cooker Freezer Kits

  1. shoes

    Humm, how is it I have not heard of these magical kits? That is a great idea. I love my slow cooker too and these kits will make slow cooker dinner nights that much easier.

    1. Nancy Post author

      I know, great idea, eh? I love the fact that I prepped two meals and had almost no clean-up. And on the night I cook these recipes, I’ll only have to wash my slow cooker. I’m so excited! 😀


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