Children are relentless

As I sit in my car at the school bus stop, waiting to pick up my daughter, my son screams repeatedly that he wants to “go in the seat”.

I can’t recall how it started, but it has been going on for about six minutes. (That might not seem like a long time to you, but please, allow me to trap you in a car on a freezing cold day with a screaming 3-year-old. Your perception of time will never be the same again.)

He has reduced himself to tears. He has had a coughing fit from screaming. I have tried cajoling him, distracting him, talking to him. Nothing works. He has resorted to alternating between a near deafening scream and the repeated mantra, “I wan go in yer seat!”

I had a headache when I picked him up at preschool. I have a migraine now.

And this afternoon started off with hugs and kisses.

What is a frazzled mom to do?

Why do toddlers do this?

I’m not really looking for answers, but if you’ve got some, or ways to avoid/rectify/handle this situation, please share.


6 thoughts on “Children are relentless

  1. shoes

    Oh boy have I been there and done that! There really is no answer, sometimes kids need to meltdown just as we need to I guess. All we can do is try to prevent and then pick up the pieces when it is over. Carter is fast closing in on 5 and does not go off like this nearly as much any more but when he was 2 and 3 he melted a lot.

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