A fresh mind

I’ve covered this topic before. D.E.L.E.T.I.N.G.

It feels good to clean out. I admit, I don’t do it often enough. For some reason lately, I have been on a rampage to clear the clutter.

I’m not sure why. Perhaps it was the epiphany I had in the shower? (Ever notice how most epiphanies occur near water? E.g., in the shower, while washing dishes, in the bath, while scrubbing the floor, Christ’s baptism by John the Baptist in the season of Epiphany. Just saying.)

So, I went hog-wild and cleaned out my Inbox again. I got rid of emails that I have been saving since 2009 (and the odd straggler from 2007).

I didn’t just hit DELETE as I have done in the past (and then panicked later when I discovered that I had tossed an email that I actually still needed).

I systematically went through my Inbox and skimmed the subject lines (it has never been more clear to me how truly important a good subject line is) and I even read some emails (probably because of a non-descriptive subject line).

It took a couple of hours. When I was done, I felt clearer, calmer, more prepared to take on a new challenge (I have one brewing already, just haven’t had the energy to tackle it).

The thing about cleaning out an Inbox though? It doesn’t stay cleaned out. Clutter happens so darn fast. But that’s why I think that this time is different. I didn’t just clean out. I talked to myself throughout the entire process. I kept giving myself the pep talk.

“Keep it clean and you will remain clear, fresh, calm, collected. Let it get cluttered again and you will feel cluttered, dragged down, disorganized, anxious.”

And so, I march into my clutter-free future, head held high, Inbox containing only current, necessary emails, and the right attitude to apply this to the rest of my house.

Now, if only I could get the rest of my family on board. Any suggestions?


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