Leprechauns at our house

I’m not Irish. At least I don’t think I am. I’m Canadian with no particular cultural affiliation. My family is from the east coast of Canada, so I suppose there is a possibility that, far enough back, there might be a bit of Irish blood mixed with whatever other ancestry there is in my family.

Nevertheless, on St. Patrick’s Day we are all Irish.

And this year, I don’t know what got into me. Maybe a bit of leprechaun magic? But I wasn’t going to let this holiday pass me by. It’s not a commercialized holiday, so there’s very little pressure to achieve a certain standard of celebration. It’s just about magic and mischief.

While my children slept peacefully in their beds, my husband and I snuck around the house and hid chocolate coins in their shoes and coat pockets.

Top o' the mornin' to ya!

Then, with a Crayola washable marker, I decorated the windows and mirrors with rainbows, shamrocks and an Irish greeting. I even drew little footprints under the window.Writing on a mirror

When my kids woke up, I served Cream of Wheat for breakfast. As they stirred the sugar into their cereal, the cereal turned green from a hidden drop of green food colouring. My kids were delighted!

Then the questions started. Little Brother was quite happy to believe everything we told him about the pesky leprechauns sneaking into our house while we slept and drawing on our window and leaving green all over the place. Big Sister? Not so willing to believe. She fired off a 100 questions, starting with “Why would the leprechauns write on our window?”, “Did they use washable markers?”, “The colours look like the ones that I have. I wonder if they used my markers?” and so on.

A few times I thought I was busted. But at the end of her inquisition, shortly after she discovered the first chocolate coin, she convinced herself that leprechauns were real because Mommy and Daddy would never put chocolate in her coat and shoes.

Leprechaun footprints

She may have convinced herself this year, but it was a close call. I’ll have to take a lesson from those mischievous leprechauns next year if I want to stay one step ahead of my way-too-smart-for-her-own-good daughter.

Did you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day? If so, how? Was it an adults only green beer-fest? Or magical fun for the kiddies?


7 thoughts on “Leprechauns at our house

  1. chebandbecky

    I’m a St. George’s Day girl, but Becky has some Irish in her via her paternal Grandmother. Hats off to you for your creativity. It sounds like your little ones enjoyed the surprises, and what could be better than some family fun.


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