Saturday morning

Kids Watching TV

This is what Saturday morning looks like in our house if we don’t make plans. Mommy and Daddy are busy getting stuff done while Big Sister and Little Brother watch cartoons or movies. Not my preferred way for my children to spend their morning, but when you’ve got stuff to do…

And I’m suffering from a bit of Mommy guilt because we are in the home stretch of our cable contract. Very soon cable will be no more in our house. We timed it so that the disappearance of their favourite shows would coincide with warmer weather (or so we thought, but it’s mid-April and we still have snow). And as much as I’m a little apprehensive about the whining that will result when my kids can no longer watch TV, I’m excited about getting my kids back.

I know. I’m the one who started the TV watching and I admit I use TV as a babysitter more than I’d like, but as many a busy parent can atest to, TV as a babysitter is a slippery slope, one that we have been sliding down for too long. And in a few short years, as my kids get older, TV will give way to other technologies and to social media, and without a good grounding in love and family and human connection, my kids will slide faster down that slope than they did down the TV slope.


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