Kids’ Chores

My daughter makes her bed every morning. I mean every morning. If she doesn’t get to make it, she freaks out. If her brother tries to help her make it, she freaks out. If I do it before she gets to it, she freaks out.

I taught her how to make her bed. I asked her to do it every morning and gave her a star for about the first dozen times that she did it. But then we forgot about the chart and every other chore that went along with it and things returned to chaotic life.

Except the bed making.

She has never given that job up.

I make my bed every morning (with the exception of maybe four times a year). Is the reason for her obsessive bed-making because I am setting such an amazing example by always making my own bed? Is that why my daughter makes her bed to perfection every day?

If that’s the case, why doesn’t she take her dishes to the counter every day? Why doesn’t she put her clothes in the hamper every day? Why doesn’t she sit quietly and read to herself every day? Why, oh why, doesn’t she go to the bathroom by herself every day? These are all things that I do as consistently as making my bed.

I have no insight into what it is that makes this kid tick. She latches onto a task and makes it her own. How those tasks are determined is beyond me. I wish I knew so that I could use it to my advantage and get her to do other things.


One thought on “Kids’ Chores


    I am also into making the bed every day. It’s just plain sloppy without it being done. However, it is not something my kids emulate.
    In terms of why she has stuck with that chore, it is an interesting question. Clearly, something about it appealed to her.


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