Put an end to bullying

My friend over at Ava Grace’s Closet has a story to tell about bullying. A story that, as her friend in our adult years only, I never could have imagined could happen to such a wonderful, beautiful, smart person.

It certainly makes one realize that it can happen to anyone and the victims aren’t always nerdy, geeky, awkward, or shy. Sometimes bullying happens to the most popular kids because of a small incident that will mean nothing later, but triggers the wrath of someone who appears stronger but is actually weaker—because that’s who a bully is, right? Someone who is weaker; someone who is building himself or herself up by pushing someone else down.

Everyone deserves compassion in this. The victims need help and the bullies need help. My friend was lucky to have such a wonderful mother who stood up for her and who took care of her. Some kids aren’t so lucky. But we can do something. We can help put an end to bullying.

Hop on over to Ava Grace’s Closet and read her story, then

Pledge to Take a Stand Against Bullying

Ava Grace's Closet


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