Ramped up PB&B Roll-ups

In an effort to liven up my daughter’s lunches and to entertain her with different textures, I attempted to add Rice Krispies to her daily peanut butter roll-ups.

Turns out, I was just entertaining my own desires for crunchy, sweet and salty combinations.

Peanut butter and roll-ups with Rice Krispies

Almost every day, my daughter requests peanut butter banana roll-ups for lunch. This has been going on for a long time.

I get it, kids will find one thing they like and they will eat that one thing for what seems like forever. There are some food items that I wish my kids would get over all ready, but PB&B roll-ups is not one of them.

Peanut butter and roll-ups with Rice Krispies

You see, they are nostalgic little morsels of food for me. My mother made them for me when I was a kid (I probably ate only PB&B roll-ups for like a year, much to my mother’s horror), and they bring back such wonderful memories. And to this day, I love the combination of peanut butter and banana. I often have peanut butter and banana on crackers for a snack when I’m at the office (though I’m often teased for my choice of snack).

So adding the crispness of light and crunchy Rice Krispies was like winning a million dollars and then being given a prize of a million dollars for winning a millions dollars in the first place. It was just good.

Peanut butter and roll-ups with Rice Krispies

But my daughter didn’t like it. It messed with her PB&B roll-ups. And you don’t want to do that to a 5-year-old.

Peanut butter and roll-ups with Rice Krispies


5 thoughts on “Ramped up PB&B Roll-ups

      1. Nancy Post author

        LOL! If you’re ever up this way, swing by. We keep a giant tub of PB on hand for just such occasions. 😉

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