Busted by a five-year-old

I got busted by my five-year-old the other day. She doesn’t know she busted me…yet. But someday when and if she reads my blog and my chronicling of our journey as a family, she will know that she caught me in a lie.

That lie being that I took her doll—along with the doll’s backpack she and her father so lovingly made together—into my office with me and didn’t leave it in my car.

You see, each day, my daughter dresses her doll and packs her backpack in much the same way that I dress my daughter and pack her bag for school.

Then, I drop my daughter off at school and the doll and I carry onto my office where I’m supposed to take her along with her backpack inside with me and pretend that I’m dropping her off at her daycare.

Well, one day I didn’t take her in, so she sat in the car in the same position beside her backpack and when I picked up my daughter that afternoon, she noticed that the backpack was in the same position it had been when she put it in the car in the morning. I promised her I did take it in and that, because we think alike, I had put the backpack back in the same position. She bought it…sort of.

She questioned me repeatedly from different angles all the way home. (She’ll make a good lawyer someday.) I’m sure she knew I wasn’t telling the truth, but she couldn’t prove it. And since I have in the past taken her doll into my office and sat it on my desk while I worked, I may be the one to blame in all this for playing along too seriously.

Anyway darling daughter, when the years pass and you sit down to read this blog, know that I didn’t mean to leave your doll in the car; that because of stress at work and at home, not to mention the conflict that rages in my head on a minute to minute basis, I simply and innocently forgot to take her in. I hope you can forgive me.


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