3M Hooks Continue to Impress

You may remember back in the fall, I got a box full of 3M Command Brand hooks to try out ahead of the Christmas season. And you may remember how impressed I was at all the possibilities that these nifty little hooks presented in terms of decor, organizing, decorating, and simplifying life.

Well, they continue to impress.

Enter the awkward spot for a hook.

3M Command Brand Hookd

The sliver of a wall between the shower and the bathroom sink.

The idea seemed simple enough. Drill a hole in the wall, insert two drywall plugs, screw a metal hook to the plugs. Voilà! A hook for my bath towel so that when I step out of the shower I’m not reaching across the bathroom and dripping water all over the floor.

The problem was, this sliver of wall contains pipes for the shower and the bathtub, so there is no stud and it’s basically hollow and metal.

The original hook worked for about a week. Then it made a big hole in the wall and the hook fell out. (I would insert pictures of the damage, but my very accommodating mother-in-law patched the hole and repainted the wall before I had a chance.)

Once the paint was dry, my husband suggested one of the 3M hooks. I dug through the box and found the perfect one. Sturdy and decorative. The brushed nickel look matches the knobs on our bathroom cabinet.

A couple minutes to install it (read: stick it to the wall) and we were back in business. Like I said, these hooks continue to impress with their stylish, useful ways.

Do you use 3M Command Brand hooks? What ways have these handy helpers come to your rescue?


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