Slow cooker stew

I continue to be amazed and delighted by the dishes that come out of my slow cooker.

I must admit, I owe most of them to what I consider to be the best slow cooker cookbook ever!

I recently made a stew from the pages of this great book. I prepped it and started the cooking in so little time that I didn’t have an opportunity to take pictures (sorry!)

The great thing about this kitchen appliance is that my family can come home to a home cooked dinner while I work late. This makes me feel good. I wish I could be there with them enjoying dinner and end-of-day conversation, but at least I know they’re having a good meal even when I’m facing a tight deadline.

I’ve done some fussing around with the recipes in the Best of Bridge cookbook (even though I love what Sally and the ladies of Bridge have put together!) But sometimes, I just have to use up what’s in my pantry (I hate wasting food!), so extra bits of things get added or some things don’t make it to the cooker.

So far, every recipe that I have “tampered” with has turned out fantastic. Of course, I always try the recipe the way it was intended first to get a foundation for where I can go from there.

On tonight’s menu, Beef Madras! I can’t wait to get home from work!


2 thoughts on “Slow cooker stew

  1. Anka

    Nancy, I cannot live without my slow cooker! In fact, I’m cooking a whole chicken in it tomorrow. Every dish turns out fabulous and you don’t have to nurse it over the stove. Plus, the smell that greets you when you walk through the door is just heavenly! 🙂


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