Milestones of growing up

Little Brother dressed himself for bed the other night. Not an unusual thing, really. He is capable of it and he does it from time to time.

When he came downstairs, I said to him, “You’re all ready for bed. Great job buddy!” He was all smiles.

Then I asked, “Did you put your diaper on, too?” He sat down on the bottom step and said, “No, I have underwear on. I don’t need a diaper. I’m a big boy. Diapers are for babies. They don’t fit me now.”

I nodded in agreement and let him have his way.

We’ve been talking about night training him for a while now, but the timing just never seems right. He’s 3 and a 1/4, so age-wise he’s  ready. I think he is because he keeps talking about it without prompting from either me or his father. He wants very much to be like his big sister, and she has been in underwear for years.

There are several reasons why we have not skipped happily down the path to full diaper freedom. The first being that he and his sister sleep in the same room and if he were to wet the bed, the ensuing clean-up would wake everyone. When we were night training Big Sister, he was still a baby in a crib in our room. Only the parent whose turn it was to change the sheets and the child who was wet were disturbed. Having said that, I think we have only had to change her sheets twice since she left diapers behind. And both times were well past her training days and were largely due to illness.

The second reason is mine and mine alone. If he’s done with diapers, he’s done with being a baby. My baby boy will officially be a big boy and we won’t enjoy silly games and tickles on the change table while I clean him up and change his diaper. This makes me very sad. He’s very likely my last baby and saying goodbye to diapers, though an easy and anticipated event with Big Sister, is much harder for me to do with Little Brother.

The other reasons are all small and mundane: I need my sleep; we only have so many sets of sheets; is he really ready or is this just bravado, etc., etc.

Well, against what I deemed to be my better judgment, I let him go to bed wearing only underwear under his PJs. And I didn’t sneak in and put a diaper on him before I went to bed.

I did, however, carry him to the bathroom at 11:30 pm and got him to go pee while he was still basically asleep. (I used to do this with Big Sister, too.)

And morning came without a call from his room. My thinking as I opened my eyes to the annoying sound of my alarm was that he had either wet himself and slept through it, or he had a successfully dry night.

And a successfully dry night it was.

Way to go Little Brother! I’m proud of you little guy. I’m sad that you’re growing out of the baby phase of your life, but I’m thrilled to get to know the independent young man you are becoming.

Happy boy


6 thoughts on “Milestones of growing up


    I am going to be blunt. The main reason is you. That letting go thing is not easy. I understand. You even wrote he is “very likely my last baby.” You are not ready. It is so much easier to see this others than it is to see it in one’s self.

  2. AlwaysARedhead

    When we were night training the kids, my husband would always take them to the washroom before he went to sleep. On one said occasion, he happen to be carrying our daughter in such a way, that I believe she felt she was on the toilet already. Thus when he reached the landing, she let it go. I was at the top of the stairs, and just looked at him and laughed, there was nothing he could do, she was still fast asleep, so he laughed too.

    1. Nancy Post author

      That’s hilarious! I’m afraid of that happening to me, so every time I take my son to the bathroom, I hold him in my arms on his back like a baby so he doesn’t think he’s sitting. And if he does pee, it won’t be all down my front! LOL!

  3. ParentingIsFunny

    My three-year-old stays dry all night, but my 5-yr-old only has a 50% success rate! I keep washing sheets and pajamas for her. I’m considering putting her back in diapers or getting one of those devices that beeps if she starts peeing. Of course, this will wake her sister, whom she shares a room with, not to mention one of us. Tossing her back in the diapers until she can control herself seems the easy route, but not necessarily the best route. I hate potty training!

    1. Nancy Post author

      I hate it, too! 😦 I’ve been lucky so far, but I have heard horror stories about boys taking forever and I’m dreading the fact that, at 3 and a quarter, despite being adamant that he can do it, he’s going to have accidents upon accident and I’ll have a long few years ahead of me.


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