The Responsibility for Life

I’ve been struggling with parenting decisions lately. Not one particular decision, but all of my decisions. As I struggle, it occurrs to me that we parents beat ourselves up a lot, but we have lots of reasons to do that since raising and forming and shaping a whole other human being is a HUGE responsibility.

Cutting ourselves some slack of course would probably help us rather than hinder us, but that’s hard to do when you’re responsible for a life. (I don’t know how God does it, being responsible for all of these human beings and loving them in spite of their failings. I suppose that’s why we call him “God Almighty” because he has mastered the stress that comes with parenting and molding and shaping his children.)

But I digress. (Don’t I always?)

I can’t recall one time in the lives of my children when I have looked back on a situation that stemmed from my decision-making and said, “That was the best decision I could have made.”

Sure, there were a lot of good decisions that worked well in the moment for me or for my children. But not once can I say that a decision I have made related to my life and to my children’s lives has resulted in the best decision for me and for my children.

I suppose I’m striving for perfection; for the right answer. It doesn’t exist. I know that. Yet I strive.

Help me out here. Should I relax and let go? Am I trying too hard to please everyone? Maybe I just need to have a little more faith that I’m doing OK and I’m not going to screw up these two beautiful little human beings whom I love so much.


9 thoughts on “The Responsibility for Life

  1. on thehomefrontandbeyond

    my boys are in their twenties and I barely remember my decisions–so take heart–it will all be behind you someday and the proof will be in the pudding
    take life a little easier, smile a lot (kids love smiles), and don’t worry as much as I did–it gets you nowhere

  2. tania2atee

    I think it’s natural to always wonder if we can do it better, or if we made the right decision. I too struggle with that. I think we just have to relax a little and love them lots! 😉

  3. st sahm

    I mean there isn’t any pressure. We’re simply raising the next generation of God’s children. No pressure at all! Well written!


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