20th McHappy Day in Canada!

Wednesday, May 8th is McHappy Day!

It’s that time of year again! Are you going?

We are! Wouldn’t miss it!

On Wednesday, May 8th, McDonald’s will donate $1 from every Happy Meal, Big Mac, and hot McCafé beverage you buy to Ronald McDonald Houses and other local children’s charities across Canada.

So the dinner plans are set in my house. Wednesday, May 8th, I don’t have to cook (YAY!) and my kids can play in the restaurant (we’re going to a McDonald’s with a PlayPlace) as soon as they finish their chicken nuggets. (I don’t mind if they don’t eat all their fries. More for me.)

And while my kids are having fun, my husband and I (and possibly my parents) are going to kick back and chat over hot McCafé beverages, knowing that our purchases that evening are going to a good cause.

Check out McDonald’s History of Smiles video to learn how Ronald McDonald House Charities helps give sick children what they need most—their families.

Feel free to reblog this. Spread the word!
And come for lunch, dinner or coffee on May 8th!


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