It’s McHappy Day!

Coffee gets me going in the morning. Sometimes I need a BIG coffee. Sometimes a small coffee will do. This morning, after days of being sick, a BIG coffee was required. And so, I acquired that BIG coffee from McDonald’s where it is McHappy Day and $1 from every hot McCafé beverage purchased will be donated to Ronald McDonald Houses and other local children’s charities across Canada.

McCafé #McHappyDay

It got me thinking, being sick these last few days at home, I have been surrounded by my family. My parents came over to help with the kids. My husband looked after things that I couldn’t take care of. And it was nice. I had my family to support me. And that’s what Ronald McDonald Houses do for children and their families. They support them and help them through their times of need.

Later today (assuming my illness does not force me onto the sidelines again), I will be treating my family to dinner at McDonald’s where $1 from every Big Mac and Happy Meal purchased will be donated as well.

What are you doing for dinner tonight?

Why not support a great cause and take your kids to McDonald’s?


One thought on “It’s McHappy Day!

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