I had the pleasure of spending Mother’s Day with my friend, Julie, the mother of one my daughter’s classmates. My family joined theirs for dinner and I had a chance to talk to Julie about this amazing thing she’s doing: walking in a 30k in Costa Rica and raising money for the Arthritis Society.

Since I have arthritis, Julie’s cause is particularly important to me. And when I wanted to find out more about Joints in Motion, Julie very kindly allowed me to ask her a ton of questions. (For brevity, I have summarized our discussion.)

nc: How did you get involved with Joints In Motion?
jb: A life-long friend of mine had participated in Joints In Motion before and got me involved for the walk that’s coming up in Costa Rica.

nc: A lot of people get involved in fundraising for organizations like this because they have the disease or they know someone who has the disease. Are you walking for someone, or is this just a cause you’ve chosen to support?
jb: It’s just something I’ve chosen to do.

nc: You’ve raised so much already. Are you the one brainstorming all these fantastic fundraising ideas or is there a “handbook” to guide you along the way?
jb: There is a fundraising guide to help out the fundraisers. I’ve gotten most of my ideas from a lady who was posting on the forum about different things that she had done and what had worked for her.

nc: What do you expect to get out of this amazing opportunity? (Besides raising money for a great cause.)
jb: It’ll be great to have a vacation and time to myself.

nc: What’s the training like? If you’re going to be walking 30K, you’re probably preparing for that in some way. Is there training support or are you going it alone?
jb: I am working with a trainer and closer to the date there will be more strict training schedules to really prepare for the walk.

nc: Have you involved your family in your fundraising?
jb: My husband and my family have been very supportive. My kids don’t really understand what it is I’m doing, but they support me.

nc: What other great fundraising plans do you have coming up before the closing date for raising the money?
jb: On June 8th I’m taking part in the annual Queen’s Drive Street Sale in Weston and along with garage sale items, I’ll be selling hot dogs and other goodies. The proceeds will go to the Arthritis Society. Also, on my blog you can link to Arbonne and purchase great products with 20% of your purchase going to the Arthritis Society. And recently I hosted a Tea Party with Steeped Tea which helped raise money for the Arthritis Society.

nc: It sounds like this has been a pretty good experience so far. Has anything stood out to you in this whole experience?
jb: Yes, the generosity of people. We have been so blessed and I’m blown away by the generosity of people.

nc: Thanks, Julie, for taking the time to speak to me about all of this.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

If you want to help Julie reach her goal, visit her Joints in Motion website to donate.

And keep up with Julie’s efforts on her blog!


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