Thank you

An open letter to my children on this Monday morning.

To my two beautiful children,

Thank you for your happy smiles this morning. Thank you for your tired eyes that opened when I gently shook you awake. Thank you for holding tight to my neck as I carried you each down the stairs to breakfast. Thank you for eating your breakfast and doing so without complaint.

It is Monday morning and I know you are tired. We had another busy weekend and some late nights. But we spent it all together. We watched movies and ate popcorn at home and we took Little Brother to his first movie at a movie theatre. We visited family, we went out for dinner together, we went to the park between rain storms and we played board games at home when the rains came.

Monday mornings are often a fight to get you both up, a fight to get you to eat your breakfast, a fight to get you both dressed and ready to go. Monday mornings also happen to be the day that we have to be out of the house early.

But this Monday morning, we all cooperated. We helped each other get ready and we were all nice to each other, even though we were tired and wanted to complain.

I often write about how hard parenting can be. And I spend a lot of time thinking about why this behaviour or that behaviour is occurring in our house. But today, all I want to write about is how grateful I am for two very beautiful, loving children who worked with me to get us through Monday morning and out the door 10 minutes early.

To you both, I enjoyed every minute of getting ready with you this morning, and I missed you like crazy the minute I dropped you off at preschool. I miss you even more as I write this.

I can’t wait to pick you both up and wrap you in my arms in a gigantic hug. I hope you know how much I love you.




4 thoughts on “Thank you

    1. Nancy Post author

      That’s exactly the sentiment I was thinking of as I planned the post in my mind on my way to the office this morning. So often, all we do is complain. But what happened at home this morning was just so wonderful, I wanted it recorded for my children to read down the road if they choose.


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