Longest Day of Play

The longest day of the year is coming up and ParticipACTION wants you to get outside and get moving!

As a mom, I’m all about getting my kids outside and making them move. And the thing is, you don’t really have to make kids move. They do it on their own if they are given the space and the freedom.

The two stumbling blocks to movement and free play that today’s kids face are 1) not being allowed outside without the supervision of a parent, and 2) way too busy parents.

And that’s not fair to kids. The way I see it, as parents, we have two choices:

  1. Let our kids get back outside with their friends to play until the street lights come on, or
  2. As parents, give up some of the stuff that is making us so busy and reconnect with what really matters, our kids.

Child swinging on a tire swingOn June 21st, the longest day of the year is going to become the first annual Longest Day of Play.

Not that my family needed an excuse to get out there and get moving. We’re at the park just about every day anyway. But hey, if you want to make it an event, we’re in!

Won’t you join us?

Longest Day of Play logo


1 thought on “Longest Day of Play

  1. AlwaysARedhead

    I remember as a child staying out until the street lights came on, with no worries from my parents. With my own children, I would let them stay out until the street lights came on but I was always there watching them.


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